Mediterraniean Hotel J-lem

This is the place of the famous Mediterranean Hotel in Jerusalem often used by PEF

One of the most famous hotels in 19 century Jerusalem was the Mediterranean Hotel. Guest like Mark Twain and Charles Warren used to stay here as they visited the city. Until now the physical position of the hotel has been unknown.
The newspaper Haaretz reported during the summer 2008 that researcher Yoni Shapira, archaeologist Prof. Shimon Gibson and Rupert Chapman, secretary of Britain’s Palestine Exploration Fund (PEF), have successfully identified the present-day Jerusalem hotel now known as the Wittenberg House, as the very same building that was originally named the Mediterranean Hotel when it was built in 1866.

(Reb Moshe Wittenberg made Aliya 1882 from the town of Wietebsk in Belarusia at the age of 60 and bought this house for a huge sum.)

The newspaper article is based upon a newly printed book about this hotel and it´s famous guests, named:  “Tourists, Explorers and Freemasons in Nineteenth-Century Jerusalem”, written by Shimon Gibson, Yoni Shapira, and Rupert Chapman.

In the book the authors present some photos taken at that hotel by Conrad Schick 1897. The hotel was frequently used by the  PEF guests.

Some years ago the house was owned by former PM Ariel Sharon. Today the Jewish flag waves above the building, though it is located in the Muslem quarter, since the house now belongs to members of the Jewish organization Ateret Cohanim.

Article about the book


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