King Karl I of Württemberg

Schick was successful in a number of different aspects and projects. He studied theology for some years in Basel, but is considered to be an autodidact concerning archaeology and architecture.

He was 1855 entitled construction inspector by an English organization, in 1867 named Institute chef and was in 1869 awarded the title “Königlich Württembergischer Baurat” – “Royal Building Counselor of Württemberg“. The title was awarded by king Karl I of Württemberg.

He was also awarded the honorary degree of Doctor at the University of Tübingen in 1896. Other awards given to him as written on the front-page of his book:

* Knight of the Royal order of the Preussian Crown.

* Knight of the Royal and Imperial Austrian Order of Franz Joseph.

* Commander of the Imperial Russian Order of Stanislav.

* Bearer of the Grand Old Medal for Art and Sience.

Schick’s background with his Württemberger nationality might explain his good relationship with both Russia and Austria. Württemberg was at this time a sovereign state within the Austrian Empire and the German Confederation, but changed partner and joined the German Empire (Prussia) at the end of 1871.

King Karl I of Württemberg married Olga Nikolajeva, a princess and daughter of the Russian Emperor in St Petersburg in 1846.


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