St Chrischona Basel

BadenWürtemberg with Bitz

Baden-Württemberg with Bitz

Schick was trained as an apprentice carpenter and taught to repair clocks as a young man. He also was trained to become a blacksmith at Korntal Bible Institute in Württemberg. At the age of 20 he went to the Chrischona Pilgermission College at Basel, Switzerland – a Protestant institution founded by C. F. Spittler, which still exists.

He was exposed to and strongly influenced by the religious atmosphere in the pietistic Württemberg. Schick studied in Basel for four years to become a trained craftsman and missionary. At the school he was asked to make a model of the Tabernacle – the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. This model was his first; he would later make a number of others.

Spittler had the idea to send a number of brothers and sisters to different places in order to found Brotherhood – Brüdergeminde. One of these places was Jerusalem. His dream was to form a “chain of stations” on the road to Ethiopia. Schick and Palmer were the first sent out. Later a number of well known persons were sent away as Schneller, Frutiger and Palmer.


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