Schmidt’s Girl School

There are two models presenting Haram El Sharif / the Temple Mount, exhibited in the basement of Schmidt´s Girls’ School – Paulus Haus, just outside the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. Enter the gate from Nablus Street, next to Conrad Schick Street, then enter the building and ask at the reception desk for the exhibition of the Schick Models. They will charge you 20 NIS and take you downstairs, it’s worth every cent, the exhibition is excellent.

The models are made in scale 1:200 and took him 8 years to finish. They were most probably made at the House of Industry, there Schick was an Intendant. One of them, most probably both, were finished 1885 and then presented in Schick’s then new-build house Beit Tavor.

Here are some pictures from Schmidt’s .

Schmidt´s Girls School

Schick’s model of the Salomon temple at Schmidt’s Girl School

Schmidt´s Girls School

Al-Aqsa Mosque at Schmidt´s Girl School

Schmidt´s Girls School

Salomon’s Temple at Schmidt´s Girl School


5 Responses to “Schmidt’s Girl School”

  1. Michael Lyon Says:

    Thank you for going to the effort of putting this together. The more I read about Conrad Schick the more I admire him and his work. The Art Museum here at Brigham Young University will be hosting an exhibit of 150 of James Tissot’s gouache paintings of the life of Jesus Christ. One of them is his reconstruction of Jerusalem and the Temple painted sometime in 1886-1894. I recognized the design of the facade as being similar to that of the Schick model. I suspect that Tissot must have seen this model or a photo while he was in Jerusalem, but there is no mention of it in his notes. Thank you for providing these photos to confirm it. Is there any reliable dating as to when the model was finished?


  2. Justin A Brewer Says:

    Are the images on this page free copyright use?

    • uffepeter Says:

      The pictures are mine.
      They are free for personal use, students, and so on, but I charge a low amount for commercial and then deliver high quality pictures.
      Always mention “Photo: Ulf Petersson”

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