Models on Internet

Pictures of models made by Conrad Schick have been presented on Internet at Gettysburg College Collection (Search for Conrad Schick and model)

The pictures were taken by the American Colony Photo Department from about year 1900. The first pictures were taken by Elijah Meyers who introduced photography at American Colony. He was later followed by Hol Lars Larsson and G. Eric Matson, both of Swedish origin. The company was later renamed as the Matson Photographic Service. The plates or films were later donated to the US Library of Congress, many of these can be found through Internet today.

Haram al-Sharif

Herod’s Temple BC 30

Herod’s Temple BC 30

Salomon’s Temple BC 1000

Salomon’s Temple BC 1000

Zorobabel’s Temple

Model of Justinian Church AD 530


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