Friends of Conrad Schick

Welcome to this site about Dr Conrad Schick. My thought is to collect and highlight information about this remarkable man. You are most welcome if you just want to read about him, but also welcome to give comments, ask questions or give new information to this project.

My name is Ulf Petersson. I live in Sweden and worked in 2008 as volunteer at the Swedish Theological Institute together with my wife Christina. I immediately fell in “love” with the house Beit Tabor – Schicks private house, and then wanted to know more about the man that built this house.
My private mail address is See you!


5 Responses to “Friends of Conrad Schick”

  1. Zohar Khalfan Says:

    I read with great interest your website. I would like to add that Schick has actively participated in the “Russian excavations” near the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer (Alexandrovskoe Compound), for his project, the Ethiopian church was built on the street. Ethiopia and he did a project (not adopted Russian emperor), the Church of Mary Magdalene.
    Excuse me for my bad English

  2. nicolas philippe Says:

    Sir , do you have any information regarding Isaak Goscinny
    this man worked with Frutiger and he was connected with Schick regarding the Nave Shalom project

    • uffepeter Says:


      I have never meet that name before.
      But he is mentioned on page 292 in the book “Johannes Frutiger 1836-1899, Ein Schweizer Bankier in Jerusalem, Hans Hermann Frutiger and Jakob Eisler, Böhlau verlag Köln 2008”..
      He is mentioned in connection with Neve Shalom.
      Good luck!

  3. Timothy Murray Says:

    Thank you for this website, sir! It’s so good to have a good man remembered this way. My grandparents were in Jerusalem for several years (1905-1909) and saw some of Schick’s famous models on display in 1903 just before the models were sold to Harvard in the USA. Keep up the good work!

    • uffepeter Says:

      Hello Timothy.
      Thanks for your comments. Have any clue were in Jerusalem the models where exhibited?
      Ulf Petersson

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