Links and others

Here are some places you can find more information about Dr. Conrad Schick


Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy Land, Avraham Negev, Shimon Gibson p.260, 471 (can be read on

Schick regularly wrote articles in Journal of the German Palestinian Society,  he also wrote a number of articles in the British PEQ – Palestine Exploration Quarterly  

Beit Tavor


His life

Museums, Libraries, Archives

Conrad Schick Library at Christ Church, Jerusalem

Palestinian Exploration Found, London

Bijbels Museum, Amsterdam



Christen als Pioniere im Heiligen Land by Alex Carmel, F. Reinhardt, 1981

Drei  bedeutende Bitzer im 19. Jahrhundert, Martin Gass, 1999/2000

Deine Mauern stehen vor mir allezeit, August Strobel, Brunnen verlag Giessen, Basel 1998

Johannes Frutiger (1836-1899), Ein Schweizer Bankier in Jerusalem, Böhlau, 2008

Measuring Jerusalem, The Palestinian Exploration Fund, Moscrop, 2000


Other Links

List of Christians in the Holy Land (Catholic)


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