Johannes Frutiger


Johannes Frutiger came to Palestine in 1857. He was born in 1836 and was as well a part of the Chrischona Mission. He worked with the C F Spittler & Co bank, with the aim to invest in the area. and earn money that hopefully would support the Brotherhood. In 1873 as Spittler had died, he dissolved the bank and transformed it to his own company called “Bankhaus J. Frutiger & Co”.

There he cooperated with Shalom Konstrum and Joseph Navon – a Sephardi Jew. The bank was popularly named the German bank. It collapsed 1896.

Frutiger become one of the richest persons in Palestine. His life is well documented in the book Johannes Frutiger – A Schweizer Bankier in Jerusalem 1836-1899, written by Hans Herrman Frutiger and Jakob Eisler.

Through his bank he partly financed many different projects among them: Mea Shearim, Mahane Yehuda, the railway Jaffa – Jerusalem.

Cover of the book about Johannes Frutiger


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