House of Industry

Soon after Schick and Palmer came to Jerusalem there arrived a number of ‘Cuckoo clocks’ which Schick put together and sold. This business helped him and his fellow with there economy and also helped them to get in touch with people in the city. Some Many clocks were sold to Greek monasteries, others to Catholic, Turkish or Jewish people.

Souvenirs made from Olive wood at the House of Industry

Souvenirs made from Olive wood at the House of Industry

Schick also earned some money from carving figures out of olive wood and work with wood turning.

In 1848 they had seven children in their vocational training at the same time as the children taught them Arabic. The number of boys increased the whole time – most of them lived as orphans. The finances were weak as Schick and Palmer didn’t get enough support from Basel. At this time both fellows got in love with girls. This was not accepted by Spittler in Chrishona, who had made an agreement with them to live alone – as brothers.

For those reasons Schick abandon Spittler and began to work at the ’House of Industry’ 1850, located at the Christ Church, to train Jewish boys in various trades like carpentry, turnery, shoemaking and different building methods. For this he got paid by the British Anglican Church. After some year he became the director of this institution, a job he kept until 1881 as he was succeeded by Herman Friedländer. Schick kept in contact with this organization for the rest of his life. The Anglican Church off course had no doubt that Schick got married!

Chairs made at House of Industry

Chairs made at the House of Industry.

Both German and English institutions in the city ordered different furnitures to be made at the House of Industry. One model of a chair made at the House of Industry is still available in many of these places, made by Olive wood and fit together completely without nails. These chairs can be seen among other places at: Christ Church, St George, Swedish Theological Institute (STI) and the Quaker House at Ramallah.


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