His grave

Stone above the graveyard at Zionsfriedhof

Headstone of Conrad Schick at Zionsfriedhof

Conrad Schick is buried at the graveyard Zionsfriedhof in the southwest part of the city, outside the gate of Zion, close to the former Anglican Institute. This graveyard was constructed by the protestant Preussisch – Anglican parish of Jerusalem 1841 – 1886.

Since Conrad Schick was a member of this parish it is natural that both he and his both wives and two of his children were buried here.

A nearby yeshiva has caused the graveyard some problems the last years and it is therefore closed. In order to enter the graveyard one must ask for the key in the nearby American institute.

In the same graveyard as Conrad Schick and his both wife’s are buried are also buried the children Caroline Amalie Schick born and dead 1852, from the first marriage, Samuel Schick born 1856 dead 1857, Ferdinand Schick born 1858 dead 1860 and Hedwig Maerrer born 1883 dead 1884, buried in the same plot as the two sons.

Click for more information about the cemetery.

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