Conrad Schick married Caroline Amalie Schmid in Jerusalem 1852. As there first child was born both mother and the daughter died.

On 4 September 1854 Conrad Schick married Friederike Pauline Dobler (born 7 March 1826). They met during a trip to Germany he made with the intent to find a wife. They got six children of whom three died shortly after their birth. The first daughter that survived, Lydia Amalie, born in 1855, married Dr. Adalbert Einsler, a medical doctor at Jesus Hilfe Leaper’s Hospital in Jerusalem. Frieda Schick, born in 1860, married Ludwig Schoenecke, bank manager at the Johannes Frutiger Bank in Jerusalem. Anna Schick, born in 1862, married Franz Maerker, teacher at the German school in Jerusalem.

Conrad Schick died in Jerusalem on 23 December 1901, his wife some days later on 4 January 1902. Their graves are at the Zion cemetery in Jerusalem, with a well-known headstone.


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