Bishop Gobat

Bishop Samuel Gobat

Bishop Samuel Gobat

Schick arrived to Jerusalem the same year as Samuel Gobat was elected bishop over the joint British – Preussian Evangelical Church of Palestine. Gobat arrived to Jerusalem at the end of 1846, Schick some months earlier.

Gobat, speaking a number of languages, had previous been a missionary to both Ethiopia and Malta. Both Gobat and Schick were joint with C F Spittler at Chrischona Institute, Basel. Samuel Gobat stayed in Jerusalem for almost 35 year and initiated a number of new activities, like schools, orphan homes and hospitals, mainly connected with German interests. Schick became then his architect.

During his time the Church’s activities was more oriented toward other Christian denominations rather then converting Jews.

Gobat was born i Switzerland 1799, and spoke French as his native tongue. He died in Jerusalem 1879.

A nephew of Bishop Gobat, Charles Albert Gobat, recieved the Nobel Peace Prize 1902.


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