Chairs of Conrad Schick

Chairs STI

Chairs at STI

Right inside the entrance of STI, the Swedish Theological Institute, in Jerusalem, is a set of wooden chairs. They seem to be as old as the house and from the time of Conrad Schick.

These chairs are constructed without the use of any nails or screws. They are comfortable to sit in, though a little bit unstable, heavy and have an antique  style and very nice looking.

What does these chairs have in common? Who made them? Does they have a German origin, like Conrad Schick, or do they come from a Palestinian tradition?

The answer is that they are called Victorian Glastonbury Chairs, can be found at British antique dealers and are sold for about €300. There are chairs of this model with a story back to the 18th century in England.

Chairs + Ulf at Quaker meetinghouse of Ramallah

Ulf sitting in a Victorian Glastonbury Chair at the Quaker meetinghouse of Ramallah

This sort of chairs can also be found in Jerusalem at St Georges Cathederal, Christ Church and at Augusta Victoria hospital as well as at the Quaker house in Ramallah.

The original chair was often made by oak tree while some of the Jerusalem chairs are made by olive wood and are most probably produced at the House of Industry, where Conrad Schick was Superintendent from 1850 and are then locally produced in Jerusalem.

The same type of chair at the St George

The same chair in St George with the Jerusalem Cross


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