Talitha Kumi

The British Anglicans and the German Lutherans founded from 1851 a number of girls’ schools in Palestine. Bishop Samuel Gobat and pastor Theodore Fliedner were leading persons.
A school namned “The Education House” arranged education in a rented house close to The Holy Sepulchre. The girls were taught by nurses and nuns in sewing and language. These nuns were recrouted to Jerusalem and a hospital run by the same persons and organisations. They worked in the hospital daytime and taught at the school in the evening.
From 1860 the school moved to a place namned “The Height of Gottfried” outside the Old City (the hill named after Gottfried of Boullion, a crusader king of Jerusalem).
From 1868 the school once again moved, now to a new impressive building called “Talitha Kumi” after Mark 5:41 there Jesus said: little girl I say to you arise! Conrad Schick was the architect of the new building located on what today is King George St.

The old 3-store building

The building was taken down 1980, but part of the “Conrad Schick” facade with a typical round clock was restored on the original place.

Talitha Kumi still operates – now in Beit Jala.

Talitha Kumi. one of the most impressive eyecatcher in todays modern Jerusalem

From another angel


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