St Paul’s Chapel

A Chapel built for the Arab Anglicans on Shivtei Yisrael, close to HaNeviim. The house was erected 1873 and have Conrad Schick as it´s architect.

As the world-powers came to Jerusalem during the 1900s, they built churches and chapels. So did the Catholics (supported by France), so did the Orthodox (supported by Russia) and the Protestants (supported by Germany and the UK).

The London-based Anglican London Society for Promoting Christianity Among the Jews didn´t have much success among Jews, but more so among Arabs, mainly young boys. St Paul’s Chapel was build in 1873 outside the city gates as the first Arab-Anglican Church.

The building was consecrated November 29 1874 by bishop Gobat and in use until 1948. It was then out of use for a time, due to new borders, but serves today again as a Church for other groups.

Conrad Schick is said to have made the drawings of the Church. He might have had the small Evangelical Chapel of Kollbrunn in Switzerland as a model, a place he most probably visited during his stay at Chrischona.

Evangelische Kapell von Kollbrunn, Zwitcherland

Evangelische Kapell von Kollbrunn, Switzerland


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