A clock on top

The small turell on top of the building is kind of a symbol for many houses that bear the Schick signature. Sometimes it has a clock in the window, sometimes the clock is in top of the building itself, sometimes there is only a round whole left – without a clock.

The clock at Korntal inspired maybe the young Conrad

It might be that Conrad Schick picked up this common idea at Korntal during his young years. There  the young boy – only 14 years old – learned to work with clocks and fine mechanics. It is said that he got paper and a pencil at Korntal and started to draw pictures of  buildings and details, due to his interest. But he did not make drawings with persons or animals!

The church in Herrnhut, yes there is a small clock in top!

The Church building at Korntal finds its inspiration in architecture from the Brother “Gemeinde” at Herrnhut. The idea of what the building should look like spread of course to other places like Christiansfeld in Denmark, Korntal and Sweden.

Christansfeld in Denmark also had a clock on top of the prayerhouse.

The Swedish brethren build there Church in Stockholm, named “Hiärneska gården”.

The Swedish version at “Hiärneska gården”, Kungsträdgårdsgatan 12, Stockholm, Evangeliska Brödernas bönesal, looked like the other in Germany.

No wonder the young mechanical probably with an interest for time picked up this round symbol and later put it into many of his houses in Jerusalem.


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