Hunt House

The Hunt house

Notice the round window on the façade of Hunt’s house. Schick often used this symbol on houses he planned.

Next to Beit Tabor is the Hunt house. William Holman Hunt was a British painter. As a student he revolted against the traditional style and formed the Pre-Raphaelite movement in 1848 together with some fellows. Many of his paintings are influenced by religious motifs, specially after his first trip to the Middle East in the mid of 1850-s.

William Holman Hunt

Selfportrait of William Holman Hunt, the neighbour of Conrad Schick

Hunt later build his house on the Streets of the Prophets #64 himself, but it is said that Schick planned the house and made the blueprints!

The scapegoat

The Scapegoat is one of Hunts most well known paintings

Many of his paintings have motifs from the Holy Land. One of his most well-known is called the Scapegoat, another

Light of the World by Hunt 1854 was used as a decoration in many churches.

Light of the World by Hunt 1854 was used as a decoration in many churches.

is “the Light of the World”, mentioned in the 12th chapter of “To Kill a Mockingbird” written by Harper Lee.


3 Responses to “Hunt House”

  1. Hannah Sealey Says:

    For a number of years I lived right next door to this house in the compound which houses the St Joseph’s convent and hostel and the French School, number 66 Prophets Street. Wonderful to see the self portrait of William Holman Hunt, the man who painted “The Light of the World”.

  2. mira meshulam Says:

    live in Haneviim 64- Hunts house and I am very interested to find any document about building the house, Schicks plans etc.
    Can you help me? Mira Meshulam

  3. Carole Brettell-Vaughan Says:

    Holman Hunt lived with my Great Grt Aunt and Uncle in Oxford.
    Martha and Thomas Combe. Millais and Hunt called Martha, Aunt Pat. Have a look on You Tube re Thomas and Martha Combe, they left their collection of painting to the Ashmolean Museum Oxford.The Light of the World , is in the chapel which was built to house it, as you know their are three copies. The lamp sold for £52,000, at Bonham’s about two years ago.

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