Bukharan Quarter

As the Bukharan immigrants arrived in Jerusalem in the 1870s and 1880s, many bought land in an area that today is called the Bukharan Quarter. These immigrants came from what now is called Uzbekistan and was earlier named the Emirate of Bukhara.

As they bought land in Jerusalem they employed Conrad Schick to plan this area.  Many were quite wealthy and wanted a suitable neighbourhood, therefore the Bukharan Quarter was build with wider streets then in any other part of Jerusalem. Many homes was influenced with European style. They called themselves Isro’il.

The area was build from 1891 until about 1950 – long time since Conrad Schick passed away.

Map of Jerusalem, Bukharan Quarter (A 4-5)


4 Responses to “Bukharan Quarter”

  1. shifrasblog Says:

    Where exactly is it? Which part of Jerusalem?

  2. The changing face of Jerusalem – Jerusalem Moments Says:

    […] of some of Jerusalem’s most historic neighborhoods is changing. Recently, I ventured into the Bukharan Quarter for the first time in several months. Half of the market area is now a construction zone, with some […]

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