Water system of Jerusalem

Among many interests seems the water system of Jerusalem have been a top priority for Conrad Schick.

The water situation is complicated, with lack of water most time of the year. The water also played an important role in the religion during the Temple periods, both for religious cleaning and for the offering. Jerusalem had since long time a complicated and most sophisticated delivery of water from outside the city. Much of this system had gone lost during the 1900th century, but was partly described in the Bible.

This must have been enough to trigger the eager Conrad Schick to rediscover how the water in ancient times came to the city. Beside that he was the city engineer, and water constantly was a lacking resource, the distribution to the citizens was his duty. To save water, cisterns were build all over the city, channels connected them and actually nobody really know how it worked, since the city had been rebuilt again and again.

Schick tried during a long period to understand these questions.


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