Pool of Bethesda

Part of the pool of Bethesda

Part of the pool of Bethesda. Photo Anders Nordberg

The gospel of John writes about the healing water at the pool’s of Bethesda, (Gospel of John 5). Nobody know the position of these pool’s until Schick found them. The gospel of John give a clue to the position; close to the Sheep Gate in Jerusalem and says there are five porches. During archaeological excavations in 1888 close to the church St. Anne, Schick identified a number of pool’s as those mentioned in the gospel.

One speciality of Schick was his interest of the water systems of Jerusalem. He developed a unique knowledge of the different water channels, reservoirs and cisterns of the city and is still today respected as an authority.

Read the article about his findings of the Bethesda pool’s from New Zealand Herald in December 1888.

Schick found two pools, one fifty-five ft. long and the other sixy-five ft. long. The Crusaders regarded this place as the site of Bethesda and built a church over this pool.


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