Gordons Golgotha

From an article on the Internet we read about the Garden Tomb.

Gordon’s Golgatha was discovered by Schick

“Another example of the interest in Jerusalem and the desire for a Protestant focal point was the establishment of the Garden Tomb as the site of Jesus’ burial. In 1874, Conrad Schick published a paper in Germany describing the tomb. It was published in English the following year and quickly became a focus of Protestant interest. Within 10 year the British general and explorer Charles Gordon proclaimed the tomb to be Jesus’ official burial site, with a nearby rocky outcrop being identified as Golgotha, the place of crucifixion. Subsequent archaeology, however, has shown that the tomb had been carved some seven centuries before Christ’s time and could therefore not be the newly hewn tomb described by the Gospel writers (see “Groundless Claims”).” Link to article

Schick discovered the place in 1867. It would be better maybe to call this place “Schick’s Golgotha”. No wonder the Street from Nablus road to Gordon’s Golgotha is named Conrad Schick Street – though they couldn´t spell his name right!

One reason for Schick as well as Gordon to connect this place with Golgotha was of course that Protestants was excluded from having there own services in the Holy Sepulchre and therefore wanted a place to celebrate the death and resurrection of the Lord. Another reason for the Protestants not to accept Holy Sepulcher as the place of Golgotha is that the text (Joh 19:20) says Christ was crucified and buried “outside the wall”. The situation was then obvious – also to Schick.

But as Schick later was digging in the city, some 50 m from the Holy Sepulchre, he found an old part of the city wall that placed the Holy Sepulchre outside the city. Schick then – himself being a Protestant – changed his mind, and accepted the Latin view of Holy Sepulchre as the place of Christs death and burial – and then gave the Catholics and their tradition right!

Shick street

Conrad Schick Street

Then the sign on the road to the Garden Tomb is is twice wrong, not correct spelld and does not present the last view of Conrad Schick!

This story is well descibed by the Swedish priest and authour P. Waldenström in his bok “Till Österland” (To the East), who 1894 meet with Schick in Jerusalem. (p 396-, Normans, Stockholm 1896)


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