Schick seemed to have developed an interest in archaeology as soon as he arrived at Jerusalem in 1846. He had a good eye for details and was skilled at drawing maps out of terrain.

His way to archaeology went most probably through his contacts with foreign explorers who asked for his help. As the city engineer, employed by the local Ottoman authorities, Schick literary had the “key” to the whole city. A number of German, French and most of all British explorers visited the city and asked for his company or help with their projects. He know where to find permission, labours for help and all sorts of contacts. This way he himself later became responsible for different archaeological projects – all over the region.

It is for sure right to call him an autodidact concerning archaeology, but he often mentioned among the professionals and with great respect for his wide knowledge, sometimes though with a little to much imagination and fantasy.

He constantly wrote articles, published in the London based magazine PEF Quarterly (Palestine Exploration Found). Since he was of German origin, he had a poor English grammar. Schick also wrote for the German archaeological magazine ZDPF (Zeitschrift des Deutsches Palestina-Vereins), now available on Internet.

Both these magazines used him as there local contact in Jerusalem and Palestine. As travellers and explorers of different origin came to the area, he was often asked for introduction, help or guidance, because of his good reputation and relationship with authorities and local people of all kind! This made him so great!

A full text of “The Survey of Western Palestine-Jerusalem” is presented on Internet


2 Responses to “Archaeology”

  1. Hughie Auman Says:

    Did Conrad Schick sketch the drawing of the Masonic Hall adjacent to Wilson’s/Tobler’s Arch ?

    Where can I get a copy of the picture?

    Thank you

    Hughie Auman

    • uffepeter Says:

      Please check:
      The Churches of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem
      A Corpus
      Volume 3, The City of Jerusalem
      Series: The Churches of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem
      Denys Pringle
      Cardiff School of History and Archaeology
      Page 222.
      (ISBN-13: 9780521390385)

      Most of the book is availible at

      Please respond – I want to make my info about Conrad Schick better!?
      /Ulf P

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